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Student & Parent Resources

TeenBiz 3000

TeenBiz3000 provides the first Web-based, individualized reading and writing instruction solution for grades 6-8 that reaches every student at his or her Lexile level.  Students take an initial leveling test to tell us where they are at in a grade level range, for example, end of 6th grade.  Each week TeenBiz3000 sends your student a series of current event articles to complete or your student's teacher may assign a specific article(s) .  All students get the same article topics, but the articles are adjusted to match the student's reading ability.  Students then answer multiple choice questions or a variety of other fun activities to improve your student's comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills.  As your student's reading level improve, TeenBiz will increase the level of difficulty so he/she remains challenged and interested. 


Your student uses this program in class, but you can also share in the fun at home - or anywhere a computer is connected to the Internet. Here's how: 

  1. Login to  using your username and password

  2. Encourage your child to follow these five easy steps:

      Step 1: Check your e-mail. Read the message from TeenBiz and respond.
      Step 2: Click the link in the e-mail to read that day's news article.
      Step 3: Do the activity.
      Step 4: Finish the thought question.
      Step 5: Vote in the poll. 

  3. Explore other TeenBiz features, including other articles, the Stock Market game, puzzles, jokes, and more.

We hope you enjoy exploring TeenBiz with your child.

Lexile Framework (Reading Level)

The Lexile Framework for Reading matches a reader's ability to the difficulty of a text, allowing for individualized assessment and instruction.  It is a scientific approach to reading and text measurement that measures reading ability on a scale from 200L (200 Lexiles) for beginning readers to 1700L for advanced text.  The Lexile Framework has become the most widely adopted reading measure used by educators, libraries and publishers today.

Language arts educators have long struggled with the task of assessing reading and writing proficiency objectively.  Unlike math or the sciences, we have had no meaningful, unified system of measurement.  The Lexile Framework finally provides an objective system for measurement, enabling more precise assessment and more effective language arts instruction.

LevelSet reports student performance on a Lexile Scale.  The scale ranges from one for beginning readers to above 1350 for highly advanced readers. The Lexile Framework is a scientific approach to reading and text measurement that has become the most widely adopted reading measure in use today.  To help you better understand your child's Levile score, we have provided a note about reading level equivalent above.  For example, if a student scores a 600L, his score is translated to a 3 and he receives reading materials appropriate for a student reading approximately a third grade level.  Note that BR indicates that the student is a beginning reader.  AR indicates that the student is an advanced reader.

The chart that follows can help you understand whether your students are considered "on track for college and career readiness" as defined by the Common Core State Standards. Refer to the appropriate grade level to see whether your child is on track. For example, if your child is in the fourth grade, refer to the Grade 4 row. This row indicates that a score between 770L and 910L is considered on track.

Grade On Track
1 *220L - 500L
2 450L – 620L
3 550L – 790L
4 770L – 910L
5 865L – 980L
6 955L – 1035L
7 1005L – 1085L
8 1045L – 1155L
9 1080L – 1230L
10 1110L – 1305L
11/12 1215L – 1355L

Scholastic Reading & Math Inventory


Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI)

is a reading assessment program which provides immediate, actionable data on students' reading levels and growth over time. SRI helps educators differentiate instruction, make meaningful interventions, forecast growth toward grade-level state tests, and demonstrate accountability.

Scholastic Math Inventory (SMI) is a quick, computer-adaptive math assessment for grades 2-8 that provides immediate data for universal screening, progress monitoring, and instructional decision-making.